GE's Command Center Ecosystem: Better Together for Patients

7 February, 2020

Every once in a while a new technology comes along that fundamentally changes healthcare--that enables caregivers to do new things in new ways

A new technology that lowers costs and improves quality for patients and scales worldwide--advances such as sterilization and vaccines.

GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of several of these including X-ray, CT, and MRI. Now, GE’s Command Center toolkit is revolutionizing the use of data in patient care.

This 90-second video showcases the organizations that comprise the GE Command Center Ecosystem--a group of hospitals and health systems with command centers who learn from one another and share best practices on a regular basis. This is an ecosystem that is better together for the benefit of patients around the world.

Command Center Executive Brief

This 5-page PDF brief describes the command centers or “mission control centers” featuring Real Time decision support tools powered by artificial intelligence. To receive this brief, please complete the short form below. The brief will be sent shortly after you share your information.