Data Analytics & AI: How Clinical Command Centers Can Drive Next-Level Performance

24 June, 2021 - World Congress Events

At this year's World Healthcare Congress, Ian Worden, Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health and Jeff Terry, Chief Executive Officer, GE Clinical Command Centers discussed how Command Center software helps caregivers orchestrate patient care for better outcomes and efficiency.

Specifically, their conversation centered around:

  • Leveraging AI tools in order to solve hospital-wide clinical and administrative challenges
  • Managing patient flow and the delivery of timely care effectively and efficiently
  • Apply AI to collect data and make accurate, patient-centric decisions
  • Learn how the CHI Franciscan designed and operationalized a command center which complements its best-in-class virtual hospital
  • How integrated AI used in real-time has delivered better patient classification, cross-site utilization, new virtual capacity, growth, and care progression
  • How human and artificial intelligence combine with existing tools and methods to help deliver exceptional patient care

Watch the WHCC Interview of Ian Worden and Jeff Terry here