GE HealthCare Included in Fortune Magazine's Healthcare Tech Reinventors List

19 May, 2017

Fortune Magazine recently previewed what a tech-optimized healthcare future might look like and identified 21 innovative companies in five categories—each of which is challenging the conventional approach to medicine.

GE Healthcare made Fortune Magazine's' list of re-inventors with its work building a hospital command center at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Of the partnership between GE Healthcare and the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Fortune writes:

"Cutting costs and catching on to illnesses as early as possible are major goals for this type of tech. But it can also be used to combat administrative headaches like long hospital wait times.

Last October, GE Healthcare and the Johns Hopkins Hospital launched a fully digital hub to better manage everyday operations. The Judy Reitz Capacity Command Center gets a constant influx of data about important events at the hospital; it receives about 500 messages every minute from more than a dozen different Hopkins IT systems and with the help of predictive analytics turns this swamp of data into suggestions for action that prevent bottlenecks and get patients both into and out of the hospital faster.

And, according to Johns Hopkins at least, it’s showing impressive early results. The hospital says the command center has shaved more than an hour off the time it takes to dispatch an ambulance to another facility and that emergency room patients are assigned a bed 30% faster than before."

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