Halting the Hype: Humility and Other Trends in Health Analytics

16 November, 2018

By Jeff Terry and Andy Day

Scenario planning with simulation analytics and problem-back machine learning make the trend list.

Our team at GE Healthcare uses analytics to help caregivers improve outcomes and efficiency. Our work includes retrospective analytics to assess performance and monitor KPIs, simulation analytics to align leaders with a strategy by testing alternative futures, and actionable analytics to support real-time decisions with predictive and prescriptive information.

Here are some recent trends we observe in health analytics:

1. Humility. 

We notice growing humility among healthcare leaders regarding the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to support real-time decisions. It’s quite striking.

A few years ago, the CIO, CTO or CMIO of many major institutions would hold forth about their big data strategy and growing army of data scientists.

Vendors spoke of data lakes, AI platforms and digital envelopes; it was an international broken record of buzzwords and futures. If only we had all the world’s data, then we’d find something to do with it.


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Jeff Terry is CEO of Healthcare Command Centers, GE Healthcare. Andy Day is a principal, advanced analytics, with GE Healthcare Partners where he leads the global analytic consulting team and the design of GE’s real-time data analytics for hospital command centers.