Infographic: Population Health and Children's Hospitals

25 May, 2016

Infographic: Population Health and Children's Hospitals

The Children's Hospital Association ("CHA") collected data from a series of iterative population health surveys to provide members with timely, relevant benchmarking data and inform their shared planning. Findings from the first CHA survey offer a high-level overview of children’s hospitals engagement in population health. Seventy-three of 207 members invited to participate responded, yielding a response rate of 35%. This data collection is part of a larger CHA effort to support children’s hospitals in balancing the dual roles of healthcare delivery and creating child health.

Key takeways include:

  • More than two-thirds of respondents consider population health a top priority.
  • 95% of participants agree that Population health is aligned with their children’s hospital mission.
  • 68% of participants agree that population health is a top priority of their children’s hospital.
  • 63% of participants agree that financial resources are available for population health at their children's hopital.
  • Only 34% of particpating children's hospitals have reliable data to measure identified target population health outcomes.survey_results_Page_1.png