Canadian College of Health Leaders

CCHL National Conference 2024

Practical applications: How healthcare command centers are helping caregivers save time and simplify care orchestration

Halifax, Nova Scotia CA 2 Jun 2024 to 4 Jun 2024 $paid event


This session will examine how command center technology creates automated, workflow-relevant intelligence about patient care delays, risks, barriers, and emerging pressures, and how it is used by care teams for proactive interventions, for better collaboration in rounds and huddles, and for more impactful staffing, patient placement, capacity management and other complex decisions. With this technology, care orchestration is easier, faster, smarter, more consistent, and connected between disciplines and levels of care.

Participants will advance their knowledge about healthcare command centers as the presenters (a) explore a wide range of applications of this technology in acute care and other levels of care, (b) unpack the differences between command center software, EMRs, BI tools and other analytics and (c) poll the audience and invite discussion about current uses of real-time data for daily care orchestration, capacity management and quality and safety management.


Zahava Uddin, GE HealthCare
Paul Jarvis, GE HealthCare
Marianna Johnson, GE HealthCare