How a Command Center Can Improve ED Outcomes

2024 Hospital Command Center Management Summit

Chicago, IL US 20 May 2024 · 9:00 AM CT $paid event


Emergency departments serve as an integral front door in hospital systems, supporting numerous patients requiring acute care or inpatient admission on a daily basis. However, healthcare-wide challenges such as capacity management and staffing shortages have significantly impacted EDs recently. Hospital occupancy is associated with longer ED wait and boarding times, which can contribute to patient safety issues.
Another measure of ED function and hospital capacity, how often patients leave the ED without receiving care, is also correlated with higher risks of patient safety issues and adverse outcomes. This session will explore how a hospital command center can improve ED outcomes.


Sanjay Pattani, MD, MHSA, FACEP VP | Associate Chief Medical Officer
Mission Control, AdventHealth
Central Florida Division, South Region
Attending, Emergency Medicine
AdventHealth Central Florida