Managing Regional Transfer Capacity

2024 Hospital Command Center Management Summit

Chicago, IL US 20 May 2024 · 11:45 AM CT $paid event


As hospital capacity is continued to be strained, there is a natural instinct to deprioritize patients not yet within the hospital setting. However in many instances these patients have more urgent needs given the services available in the outside hospitals compared to the tertiary care setting. Transfer Centers are often ‘caught in the middle’ between balancing the community needs with the current organizational pressures that are within the walls at any given time. This segment will explore how one organization was able to improve patient access the first year of their Command Center journey and bring in an additional 2000 patients (a 20% increase Y-o-Y). Hear how their use of real time capacity status enhanced visibility and coordination, a capacity management guides the decisioning process, the journey of using multiple sites of care to get decant typical bottlenecks and the system resources are balanced, and how an acuity triage system helps to sequence patients at the right time (which at times may mean not transferring the patient at all).


Phillip Adams, MD, MPH 
Deaconess Health System

Amy Kruger, BSN, RN, CCRN
Access Center and Patient Placement Services Department Manager
Deaconess Health System