The Transformation of Virtual Care


20 Apr 2021 · 12:00 PM CST free


The role virtual care plays in the healthcare ecosystem has rapidly accelerated over the past year. To understand the immediate impact of this transformation and what we might expect in the future, Prophet spoke to 12 healthcare leaders in the new report, Virtual Care: From Rarity to Reality.

In our upcoming webinar, we will review the report findings and ask our panelists to share insights on how they view the shift in virtual care and what that means for the modern patient experience and the transformation of the care continuum.


Bree Bush, CEO, Clinical Command Center (US), GE HealthCare
Suzanne Foster, President, At-Home Solutions at Cardinal Health
Shruti Singal, VP, Medical Management at First Choice Health
Jamey Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO at Cloudbreak Health