Capacity Expediter Tile with Pressure Indicator Module

The Capacity Expediter Tile with Pressure Indicator Module provides real time awareness of the current and planned capacity of the health system. The Tile provides situations demand on the entire enterprise, from the overall health system, to regions, hospitals and units.

The addition of the Pressure Indicator module allows for “At a glance” of organizational pressures within each hospital


The Capacity Expeditor Tile empowers all levels of an organization with real time awareness of the factors impacting capacity while putting patient and bed specific details, only one click away.

From the system transfer center, who needs to know which hospital in the system has capacity for a patient requiring a specific surface to service and unit leadership along visibility into the occupants of each unit in which patients are in each bed, status of clean and dirty beds for flow optimization, insights for patients who are not yet assigned for planning purposes, and why beds are blocked to prioritize efforts to reopen them.

Utilizing the pressure indicator module in combination with hospital view, operational, clinical and provider leadership will stay aligned to the overall capacity pressure of the hospital and ensure that the right person is doing the right action at the right time.

With a pressure indicator, pressure points are configurable for each implementation and can include the number of ED patients who are not in the ideal location, the number ORs on hold, and the available number of specific high demand specialty beds such as ICU.

That is The Capacity Expeditor Tile with pressure indicator module.

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I write down and calculate capacity on paper every day. Capacity Expediter Tile would just provide me this information all the time.

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