Patient Placement Prioritizer Tile

The Patient Placement Prioritizer Tile is used by Bed Management and Transfer Centers to quickly match the right bed to the right patients needing inpatient care. The Tile prioritizes patients competing for open beds using a robust algorithm which considers many different factors.

Green stars indicate to users that its time to take action NOW. A bed is available and the Tile identifies the right patient for it.


The Patient Placement Prioritizer Tile is a decision support tool to help get the right patient in the right bed at the right time. Cluster view shows summary counts of unassigned bed requests by level of care and by portal of entry. Drilling in shows all unassigned bed requests in a queue prioritized by who to place next.

The Tile’s configurable algorithms, scores, and prioritizes patients by considering over 30 different factors. Green stars signal to users that a bed is available and a patient can be placed now. The goal of the Tile is to eliminate green stars. A's indicate that patients need a room attributes such as negative pressure and users are able to select multiple clusters as well as easily identify pre-assigned patients.

Users can also click to see details on bed availability and then drill into ‘unit view’ to see a prioritized queue of patients competing for a bed on that unit. Using the quick filter users can easily toggle between service lines, units, or clusters. Once assignments are made, patients drop off the Tile in real time. Settings allow users to create profiles to monitor subsets of bed requests and create their own work-use.

That is the Patient Placement Prioritize Tile.

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