Surgical Growth Tile

The Surgical Growth Tile provides a 2-week outlook of the surgical schedule and gives visibility of available OR capacity to fill, spots of high or low utilization, and planned bed demand. The patient-level alerts focus on case cancellation risks and/or scheduling opportunities. This section also provides visibility to unscheduled cases to be prioritized.

Surgical Growth Tile is used by peri-operative services and other hospital staff to maximize the utilization of surgical resources. The top half of the Tile focuses on the next two weeks of the surgical schedule, including things such as scheduled cases, cases we project to be added on, number of available hours, as well as patients we expect to go into the hospital after surgery.

Each piece of information is hoverable, which gives you more info about the underlying information. The bottom half of the Tile focuses on specific things that need attention, the left hand side being specific patients or cases that may have been canceled and need to be put back on the schedule or cases that have been requested, but have yet to be put onto the schedule.

The right-hand side focuses on specific scheduling opportunities, things like locations that may be over or under scheduled. As with all Tiles, clicking on the settings icon allows you to filter down to specific locations, different alert types, different surgical specialties and even all the way down to the surgeon level.

Hear from our customers:

Balancing clinic and procedural is always a challenge. It would be great to overlay clinic availability on top of the Surgical Growth Tile.

Our team searches through charts every day to find this information about tomorrow’s surgeries would save a lot of time.

We could bring supplies monitoring into the Surgical Growth Tile so we could alert on if supplies are not available or have been moved around.

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