Constant Updates Streamline Patient Flow at the Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Image

It’s an understatement to simply say that Johns Hopkins is using data differently. They’ve transformed their operations with their Command Center. Now, real-time data from 15 different sources is quickly made actionable. U

sing the power of AI, the Command Center team takes the bumps and delays out of the patient flow for the system’s 1000 beds, while pinpointing and prioritizing high-risk cases.

“It is amazing to see the streams of data that come in in real time,” says James Scheulen, chief administrative officer for emergency services and capacity management at Johns Hopkins Medicine. “Nothing on any of these 23 monitors is more than three minutes old. Our predictive models are updated constantly.”

Faster Bed Assignments

Emergency room patients are assigned a bed 30% faster

Transfer Delays

Transfer delays from operating rooms have been reduced by 70%

Sooner Dispatches

Ambulances are dispatched 63 minutes sooner to pick up patients from other hospitals

More Patients Accepted

The ability to accept patients with complex medical conditions from other regional and national hospitals has improved by 60%