Virginia Mason Franciscan Health Mission Control Helps Synchronize the Entire Patient Experience

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Focused on advancing the wellbeing of the communities they serve, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health deployed a Command Center. Powered by AI, the system serves as Mission Control for the 1300-bed health system, providing actionable, real-time data from each of their 12 hospitals.

With predictive census, patient flow, staffing and discharge analytics for the entire system, the Mission Control team can make informed decisions to improve capacity management and create a better patient experience.

"The high-powered and transparent analytics, and centralized and standardized processes, make this a scalable solution for improving care delivery,”
- Ketul Patel, CEO & Division President.


From August 2019 to January 2021

Patients Left The Hospital More Quickly
critical care patients received expedited treatment
Patient Hours Saved
1423 days
Days created to care for more patients
reduction in bed request turnaround times