#24 - Gabriella Devine, Treatment Team Workload at OHSU

Jan 13 · 11:37 min

In this Episode:

Jeff Terry and Gabriella Devine discuss how OHSU Mission Control implemented Treatment Team Workload Tile, a new app which continually monitors and predicts workload by treatment team so leaders can take action to reduce stress.

GE HealthCare’s Treatment Team Workload Tile is a novel, systematic approach, to monitoring provider workload using a Tile to track workload factors in real-time, and machine learning to predict workloads for the next several shifts.

The Tile dynamically calculates the workload for each treatment team by looking at about 15 different factors such as a new patients admitted this shift, complex patients, etc.

The Tile makes it possible to balance assignment of patients and assignment of resources so that organizations can keep workloads within bounds and keep hospitalists and intensivists from being overstressed.

This method was developed in service of clinical leaders at OHSU: Drs. Matthias Merkel, Stephanie Nonas, David Zonies, Peter Schulman, Ines Koerner, Stephanie Halvorson, James Clements, Targol Saedi, and Kellie Littlefield.

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