#21 - Patient Manager Tile - Profiles and Search

Oct 15 · 04:39 min

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It's so important that users can work at speed in the Patient Manager Tile. This video shows a bit about profiles and search.

Hello again, Jeff Terry.

It's so important that users can work at speed in patient manager.

So I want to tell you a bit about profiles and search. As always, we access the tile through tile viewer. You'll notice I land on a default view where I can see 2,228 inpatients, but every user sets up their own profiles and those profiles appear on this dropdown.

So let's show you some representative profiles. The first is a profile that's organized to look at patients who are likely to discharge to home in the next few days. And when I do that, I see there are 196 of those patients and I get all the usual information about them. Another great profile that someone may set up is a neuro downgrade focus.

So let's say I need a neuro ICU bed now. Well, this tells me that there are five neuro ICU patient, the neuro ICU beds who may be ready to downgrade based on criteria established by the local medical team and the criteria that they have set up. Now, you can imagine there's lots of profiles.

Let's look at how you build them. I go to the far upper, right. I click on the settings button and I can build a profile. First thing I do is I name it. Then I can determine within that profile, how do I want information sorted?

Do I want to see the downgrade column or the disposition column. Do I want? And there's lots of things that can go there. Maybe the discharge barriers column, maybe the deterioration column, maybe the observation column.

Okay. And then down below that I can apply filters and there's so many things you can do here. I can filter to my unit. I can filter to patients who have a high fall risk and a physical therapy order for an initial consult that's not yet been completed or I can filter to patients that have a discharge disposition to a nursing home are likely to discharge in the next two days and our COVID positive.

And of course there are dozens, hundreds of such profiles that can be set up every user tunes, those to what they want and then hit save settings. And it appears in that dropdown where you saw me using profiles before.

So that's profiles extraordinarily useful for so many different users. Next thing I want to show you is how I can search geographically. And I do that by clicking on that carrot. And now in this example, this is a multi facility health system.

So you can see within each facility by level of care, I can click on a unit and quickly get to all the patients on that unit.

So if I click on facility eight, PCU three West, now I get those 40 patients and with a single mouse click, I can change to any of those other PCU units. And on down the line, you can imagine how useful that is. If we're trying to problem solve at a unit level.

Now, if I clear out of that, I also want to show you the search button, where I can search using text, and I can search by patient name. I can search by MRN. I can search by location or I can search by attending physician. Let's say that the attending physician let's say is, is dr. Raisin. And of course, if I start to type that in, it shows me all the patients with the name Raisin, as well as several attending physicians.

If I click on Derrius Raisin, it shows me all of that physicians patients, one on three West, one on four South two on GT nine, six on w one and M. And then if I click on any of those boxes, those summary boxes, it immediately pulls up that rounding view that you should be used to. And by the way, if I click on that rounding view, I can get to that area where I can interact with it and set, add a discharge task, add a disposition, add a comment, whatever.

So if I click out of that, I can also in that same box search by name, let's say I want to search by Raja Stevens. I start to type it in. I get the list of again, any first, last name, attending, whatever that matches that name. That's the patient I was looking for. I click on patient Stevens and I get straight to that same view.

So that is profiles and that is search in patient manager. Hopefully you get a sense of how useful that can be for service supervisors, for charge nurses, for physicians, for care managers and case managers, social workers, and on down the line. Thank you very much.

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