A Closer Look at Regional Capacity Management

Apprise Health Insights

23 Feb 2022

See how Oregon was able to deploy a statewide capacity management system in just three weeks. While cost-effective, quick to deploy, and easy to use, the system is also extremely powerful. Updates every five minutes enable hospitals across the state to collaboratively manage beds, resources, and ED capacity in near real time.

During this recorded session, Andy Van Pelt, Executive Vice President, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and Jeff Terry, CEO of GE HealthCare Command Centers discuss:

  •  How the system enables centralized capacity management for the entire state
  •  Why competitors became collaborators to deploy the statewide system
  •  The benefits of replacing inconsistent, inaccurate, and outdated manual tracking
  •  How the system helps hospitals during natural disasters such as wildfires
  •  What’s ahead for regional capacity management systems, such as addressing staffing shortages and managing capacity challenges beyond acute care