AdventHealth Mission Control Drives Improved Outcomes


19 Sep 2022

Across three counties in Central Florida, AdventHealth is making hospital operations as streamlined and efficient as possible. Key to their success is Mission Control, which launched in 2019. In the 12,000-square-foot facility, a team of 50 nurses, EMS and flight dispatchers, transport techs and other specialists use data that is updated every three to five seconds. 

The Command Center technology forecasts capacity and helps the team expedite patient flow for every patient across 18 emergency departments and 11 hospitals -- between 2,400 and 2,600 patients on any given day.

“Like an air traffic controller, Mission Control helps land all of our patients at the right bed in the right place at the right time,” said Dr. Sanjay Pattani, emergency medicine physician and associate chief medical officer of AdventHealth Mission Control.

Their efforts have focused on capacity management, particularly balancing ER wait times and volumes with capacity throughout the hospital system. They’ve impacted both care quality and operational efficiency. For example:

  • Admitted patients in the ER have gotten a bed assigned 15 minutes faster.
  • ER admission to bed placement times decreased by over 23 minutes.
  • Lateral transfer of patients from one hospital to another due to overcapacity went from 357 pre-pandemic to over 2,450 — an increase of more than 600%.
  • The phone call abandonment rate for AdventHealth’s Transfer Center decreased from 8% to 3%.
  • Transport times among interhospital transfers has decreased over 15 minutes.
  • Clinical improvements tied directly to Mission Control related to pulmonary embolisms, cardiogenic shock, ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction, and secondary traumatic stress (STS).
AdventHealth plans to amplify the impact of Mission Control. “Our goal is to positively disrupt how we deliver health care, and we believe we’ve just scratched the surface of its potential,” Dr. Pattani shared. With an expansion planned in 2023, they intend to deliver actionable insights in new areas such as forecasting staffing needs.