Children's Mercy Kansas City and GE HealthCare launch AI-based pediatric hub

Vator News

25 Apr 2023

Children's Mercy Kansas City is partnering with GE Healthcare to launch a new hospital operations center called the Patient Progression Hub. The hospital control center uses AI, predictive analytics, and real-time information to optimize care progression and coordination.

Key operational teams co-located in the Hub are focused on improving access, streamlining the flow of patients, enhancing discharge planning, improving staffing, and forecasting patient demand. Real-time data and predictive analytics help care teams track each patient's journey so that staff can prioritize tests, procedures and medicines to expedite discharge workflows, opening a bed for another patient who needs it.

“With the activation of the Patient Progression Hub, Children’s Mercy will be at the forefront of technology-enabled innovation in patient flow, quality outcomes and safety,” said Paul Kempinski, MS,FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Mercy. “By maximizing the use of actionable, real-time, and predictive data, we will improve the experience of our patients, families and team members alike.”