Children's Mercy Kansas City, GE HealthCare launch pediatric hospital operations center


28 Apr 2023

Children’s Mercy Kansas City has launched their Patient Progression Hub – an operations center developed to optimize care progression and coordination from the time a patient's admission is requested until discharged. Hub team members are co-located in the space to facilitate greater communication and collaboration, break down bottlenecks and barriers, and increase satisfaction for both patients and employees. 

The new center enables patient flow and discharge decisions to be made using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and real-time information rather than manual processes and retrospective data.  

"With the activation of the Patient Progression Hub, Children's Mercy will be at the forefront of technology-enabled innovation in patient flow, quality outcomes and safety," said Paul Kempinski, MS, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Children's Mercy. "By maximizing the use of actionable, real-time, and predictive data, we will improve the experience of our patients, families and team members alike."