GE HealthCare's Command Center helps monitor statewide hospital capacity


22 Dec 2022

Focused on the central principle of real-time healthcare, GE HealthCare Command Centers collects and process vast volumes of data to create actionable insights. Care providers across the system can use those insights when and where they need them to make better decisions.

Building on that foundation, GE Healthcare helped develop the Oregon Regional Capacity System at the start of the pandemic. In just three weeks, 90% of the hospitals in Oregon were linked in real-time, tracking more than 7300 beds and 800 ventilators.

Much of this new system deals in the extraordinary:

  • Most of the 60 participating hospitals operate on different IT systems.
  • The data extraction method was fast to set up and low risk with no PHI included.
  • Success depends on a high degree of cooperation among hospitals that both collaborate and compete with one another.
The demand for using real-time analytics to improve operations is increasing. Around the world, GE HealthCare is seeing growing interest in both regional capacity management systems and their Command Center technology.