Humber River Health’s Command Centre – Outcomes and Generation 3

Humber River Health

28 Jul 2022

With the goal of making every patient’s experience better, faster and safer, Humber River Health partnered with GE HealthCare to create Canada’s first "mission control” Command Centre. 

The Command Centre is designed to monitor, measure, and analyze for risk. It empowers decision-makers with insights so they can make improvements and avoid adverse events. As a result, patients have shorter wait times and improved access to care.

By bringing together data, analytics, and human input, the Command Centre allows Humber River Health to provide patients with an environment that is safer, with seamless, high-reliability care. 

Since the Command Centre’s launch, Humber has realized a 29 percent reduction in hospital harm, including a 10 percent decline in sepsis reported.

Other outcomes include:

  • 34 percent decrease in the average time a patient waited in the emergency department before being placed in a bed
  • 38 percent reduction in wait times for certain diagnostic test results
  • 16 percent reduction in inpatient ultrasound wait times
  • Increased capacity equivalent to 35 additional beds 
  • 45 percent decrease in the time to clean inpatient beds
  • 76 percent decrease in allied health initial assessments
  • 41 percent decrease in inpatient Code Blues