Jeff Terry Recognized as one of Health Tech’s Top 30 Worth Following


8 Sep 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and has had a lasting impact on healthcare technology adoption since March 2020. Many patients now expect digital-first methods of care delivery, and that appetite for technology is unlikely to change. Many clinicians and other support staff have also grown accustomed to digital health tools such as clinical mobility solutions, EHR integration and telehealth.

The successful implementation of these technologies depends on cross-team conversations and holistic approaches to clinician workflows. To keep you updated on the latest trends and solutions influencing the industry, HealthTech has compiled a list of 30 top healthcare IT influencers who offer valuable insights into successful technology implementations.

See how Jeff Terry’s commitment to be #inserviceofcaregivers and his Real Time Healthcare Podcast has made him one of Health Tech’s Top 30 HIT Influencers in 2021.