Making the unactionable actionable at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Mabel Jong, host of the WHCC Interview Zone, the onsite studio at the annual World Health Care Congress.

23 Aug 2021

"You can apply artificial intelligence to predict what's coming at you and how your resources are matched to it. It allows us to work on the patient flow and care throughout our entire system."

- Ian Worden, senior vice president, and chief operating officer at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is using the GE Command Center to take a global look at all of their patients as they move through the healthcare system.

During an interview at the World Health Care Congress, Senior VP and COO Ian Worden explained how the GE tiles help them understand their entire care system throughout the Puget Sound area in Seattle. That allows them to provide better care, a better experience, and higher quality by focusing on that patient more quickly than they could with just the electronic medical record. It’s all about making the unactionable actionable and the invisible visible

The system is built to support the needs of caregivers so that they can remain focused on choreographing care and the patient experience. With the Command Center, surfacing risks, predicting bottlenecks and taking the right action is made easy, while under the hood the system is breathtakingly complex.

The infrastructure that was built pre-COVID has made a powerful difference during COVID. With the addition of a couple new apps to make it even easier to manage the COVID population and the resources those patients need, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is managing patient care every day - every hour - to make sure the right resources are deployed.

Worden shares, “We could not have done that without our Mission Control and the Infectious Disease Tile that was built within weeks after the first spike we had here. It was the linchpin that allowed us to manage through very difficult times.”

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