Providence Health Care transforms patient care with the launch of real-time, predictive technology and a Care Coordination Centre – a first in B.C.

The New St. Pauls Hospital

13 Apr 2023
Providence has partnered with GE HealthCare to implement the Care Coordination Centre for St. Paul’s Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital and Holy Family Hospital and eventually at the new St. Paul’s Hospital when it opens. Supported by a $5 million gift from the Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation, the new command center will support staff with coordinating the thousands of steps and decisions happening daily as patients arrive, are admitted, have tests, treatments or surgery, receive care and are discharged.

“While the technology of the Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation Care Coordination Centre will be invisible to inpatients and visitors, it will bring big benefits to everyone who steps inside our hospitals,” said Fiona Dalton, Providence’s President & CEO. “The routine use of data in our everyday operations will allow us to maintain and improve our standard of care, so patients continue to receive the exceptional care Providence is known for. Staff in our hospitals will soon be able to keep a closer eye on inpatients, intervene earlier and escalate for help as needed.”

The first phase of the software implementation focuses on capacity and staffing. Providence’s digital transformation will be supported by a 2,800 square foot purpose-built space featuring a video wall with 16 screens displaying real-time insights, and workspace for a centralized team to proactively intervene to ensure streamlined patient flow and efficient hospital operations.