Real-Time Healthcare Creates Faster, Easier and More Precise Care

GE Healthcare

26 Oct 2022
The key to accelerating digital transformation is data and how it’s leveraged. Today, 97% of data generated by hospitals goes unused (1). Unlocking the promise of real-time healthcare relies on integrating the growing amount of patient data in smart ways and using the latest technologies to make sense of it. 

AdventHealth is making that future real right now. The system underwent a digital transformation, linking eight acute-care sites to a central “mission control” using GE HealthCare’s  Command Center. The technology connects data from diverse systems and then applies AI and analytics to provide operations and care teams with the actionable insights they need to:
  • untangle patient flow bottlenecks
  • improve caregiver satisfaction
  • increase access to care
  • manage constrained resources 

Create capacity without adding resources 
Command Center technology is helping AdventHealth expand access to care. Managers can see when and where equipment and beds are available in real time to better utilize resources across the entire system. As a result, AdventHealth created the equivalent of 34 beds of patient capacity at one facility, a 3.4% increase in adult beds, and increased the rate at which it accepted transfers by 800 patients a month, all with software. 

Improving daily operations and building resiliency
AdventHealth and other hospital systems like it know that providing actionable insights to operations and care teams to use in their daily processes can deliver endless opportunities.  Connecting care sites and systems to form a real-time healthcare solution makes it easier to coordinate care to meet discharge targets, better plan surgery schedules, resolve bottlenecks that cause patients to wait, and make sure the sickest patients are getting the attention they need. In other words, it makes the care journey more efficient, improves outcomes and manages costs. 

It also creates the resiliency the system needs to deal with the unexpected. Since deploying Mission Control, the technology has supported AdventHealth’s response to COVID-19 and hurricanes. “What we were able to do in real time is understand where our beds were and what our true capacity was,” says Dr. Sanjay Pattani, the system’s associate chief medical officer. 

Reducing caregiver burnout
Putting the data to use increases caregiver satisfaction. Staff spend less time on the things that we know  cause burnout — like digging for information, reworking decisions made with incomplete information and duplicating tasks — and more time on patient care. As a result, frustration decreases and morale improves.

Interested in learning more about the power of real-time  healthcare? Read the full article to learn more about AdventHealth’s Mission Control and other GE HealthCare innovations that help harness the tremendous potential of data to improve patient care sustainably and at scale. 

  (1) World Economic Forum, “4 Ways Data Is Improving Healthcare,” December 5, 2019,