Every Second Matters

Whether we’re caregivers, leaders, or patients, none of us have extra time to waste.

Command Center software is freeing up time for those who need it most by surfacing real-time insights, reducing redundancy, and streamlining coordination. The result? Saved time, improved flow, and increased protocol compliance…just to name a few.

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Command Center Tiles put ready-to-use information in the hands of those who can use it, so decisions become easier, interventions happen sooner, and plans get made with more confidence. From daily rounds to planning meetings to ad hoc problem solving, Tiles are delivering the information healthcare organizations need to routinely deliver high quality care.

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Your routine made easier

... more intuitive, and more sustainable with Patient Manager.

Command Center programs are making it easier to achieve step-change improvements by routinizing the use of real-time software into efficient daily practices across the enterprise.

Hear from nurses themselves about how Patient Manager is embedded in the work they do every day.

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Bradford Teaching Hospitals, UK

AdventHealth, FL "PatientManager"

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Tampa General, "CareComm"

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* Outcomes may vary based on customer, Command Center, and Tiles.

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Learn how Command Centers streamline minute-to-minute health system operations with real-time decision support tools.
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