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Rethinking the Patient and Caregiver Experience with Real World AI

Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare 2022

Las Vegas, NV US 22 Jun 2022 · 11:25AM PST $paid event


A key to meaningfully and sustainably accelerating patient  flow, improving quality, and saving caregiver time, is having the ability to spot situations and risks early, so caregivers and expediters can intervene in the moment.

Real-time, contextual information that is simple to digest and easy to access, is the currency with which to make this happen.

By combining clinical expertise, real-time and predictive analytics, and pre-defined action sets, Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canada, is unlocking capacity, improving protocol compliance and reducing patients sent to ICU, while at the same time improving care team communication and reducing caregiver stress.


Peter Bak, CIO, Humber River Hospital
Zahava Uddin, Managing Director, GE Healthcare
Zahava Uddin, MBA

Zahava Uddin, MBA

Managing Director, Canada