Imaging Tile Improves Exam Turnaround Times at Humber River

Humber River Health Image

With the focus of the Humber River Health Command Centre on predicting risk and orchestrating complex care, it made perfect sense to add an imaging tile (or app) to their wall of continuously updating data. The new tile has resulted in decreased inpatient wait times for imaging exams - a critical contributor to more streamlined patient flow.

Daily Visits

Since the installation of its command center, a report published in September by Frost & Sullivan found that HRH has experienced an eight percent increase in daily visits

Patient move times

A 23 percent decrease in the time it takes to move a patient from the ED to their inpatient bed

Acute Conservable Beds

A 45 percent reduction in inpatient bed cleaning wait time, and reduced acute conservable beds by 52 percent

6.5 m

It’s the equivalent of 23 beds without the need for additional infrastructure or staff and has equated to $6.5 million in savings

Turnaround Time

In the last year, the Tile has added to these statistics by improving inpatient exam turnaround times for CT scans by eight percent, MRIs by 10 percent and ultrasounds by 14 percent