A Tile is a decision support app within the Command Center Software Platform. Tiles enable immediate action. With Real Time & Cross-System insight. Prescriptive & predictive. Clinical & operational. One decision support platform.

Re-imagining Routine

Overcoming discharge barriers for better patient flow and reduced ALOS.

Easy To Use, Major Horsepower.

Command Center Tiles complement the EMR and other workflow systems by doing what they can’t - using AI to connect the dots across systems in near Real Time and isolating the signal from the noise to predict, spot risk, and prescribe action, all the time.

Intuitive to understand and easily tailored for each user, Tiles make a difference for caregivers and their patients.

What are Tiles?

Patient Manager Tile Experience at AdventHealth

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Prescribe & Predict. Cross-System, Real Time.


About Command Center Tiles

Tiles are intuitive because each is designed "problem-back" with a real care team. Once proven they can be adapted for others in the ecosystem.

Featured Tiles

Capacity Snapshot Tile

Clinical Deterioration Tile

Ward Unit Link Tile

Patient Manager Tile

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