Command centers, a key tool for decision-making


24 Nov 2020

Hospitals and health systems require new technologies and tools that allow real-time decision-making. At the Innovation Committee of the Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare (IDIS Foundation) conference, Anais González Iglesias, executive account manager of GE HealthCare, and Arantxa Pascual Palero, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of GE HealthCare Spain and Portugal, presented new innovations in healthcare command centers, a system of hospital management based on dashboards that deliver actionable insights to manage resources.

According to Anais González, the artificial intelligence that drives GE Command Centers combines data from multiple IT systems, integrating systems, infrastructures, equipment, hospitals, departments so that data can be converted to insights that highlight patient flow problems and process bottlenecks. That enables operational decision-makers to act in a more precise, predictive, and personalized way. The command center technology also helps clinical staff quickly identify and prioritize the most urgent patients.

Command centers are especially vital during crisis situations, such as COVID-19. GE Healthcare shared information about how dashboards have helped to manage capacity, critical care beds, negative pressure rooms and respirators. The up-to-date information delivers an accurate status of the patient load and identifies possible risks.