Digital Twin Perspective of Fourth Industrial and Healthcare Revolution

IEEE Access

5 Feb 2022
A Digital Twin (DT) is a digital representation of a physical system. Digital Twins offer the promise of revolutionizing healthcare, and that promise is already becoming a reality. GE HealthCare Command Centers, such as the one implemented at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to transform large volumes of patient data into actionable intelligence. 

GE HealthCare Command Centers also offer the opportunity to create a Digital Twin that virtualizes a hospital. That creates a safe environment to perform extensive what-if analyses and test changes in system performance. By creating a Digital Twin of your hospital(s) (and related ambulatory services), the GE HealthCare Command Center team can help you test potential changes in operational strategy, capacities, staffing, and care delivery models so you can objectively determine which actions to take.

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