Get a look inside Humber River Health’s Command Centre

Humber River Health

1 Jun 2023

As a pioneer in revolutionizing the standard of care for surgeries across Ontario, Humber River Health relies on technology to keep hospital procedures and personnel running like clockwork. Their state-of-the-art Command Centre collects real-time data and uses early warning systems, machine learning and predictive analytics to create actionable insights that are delivered back to medical teams across different platforms, including handheld devices. That easy access to alerts about changes to patient status and potential risks helps ensure patients receive better, faster and safer care.

Humber uses several Tiles (apps) to optimize surgical care and improve patient outcomes:

  • Patient Manager – Helps expedite discharges and optimize patient care plans by providing care teams with at-a-glance information about any barriers to care progression.
  • Surgical Tubemap/PACU Boarders – Tracks the surgical patients’ journey from pre-op to post-op to help maximize hospital resources and streamline patient transitions.
  • Clinical Deterioration – Provides alerts to care teams about subtle changes in patients’ conditions to support early intervention. Since deploying this Tile, Humber has seen a 45 percent reduction in code blues and a 10 percent drop in sepsis mortality across the hospital.

Get a look inside Humber River Health’s Command Centre.