Health care facility's high-tech 'command center' nets rapid return

Business Observer

20 Nov 2020

High tech healthcare command centers powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics rapidly provide operational improvements and reduced inefficiencies. The $13 million investment Tampa General Hospital (TGH) made in their CareComm command center saved the facility $40 million in the first 15 months.

Using a concept that’s been more well-utilized in other industries, command centers quickly pull and process large volumes of data to improve flow and throughput. TGH’s 8,000-square-foot CareComm facility is the center of gravity for the health system. It has eliminated some 20,000 excess hospitalization days. In addition, a 25% decline in emergency room diversions has resulted in 30 beds of additional capacity without any physical expansion of the hospital.

When CareComm opened in August 2019, TGH was one of only four hospitals in the world to have a command center like this. Now, there are more than 200 health systems using this technology to manage their operations.