Navigate new interoperability standards and unlock the full potential of health data

Reuters Events

6 Dec 2021

During this virtual roundtable session, a panel of experts discussed how to overcome the barriers to sharing data across departments, sites, health systems, vendors, payers, and more.

Topics covered included:

  • How trust and collaboration are just as important as the technology when it comes to sharing data that can be used to improve the patient experience
  • Lessons learned as Oregon deployed the nation’s first statewide hospital capacity system
  • How a lack of standardization that makes universal interpretation a huge challenge, and strategies to overcome that challenge
  • Investing in the right technology to align your strategy to meet current and future needs
  • Leveraging API’s and standardizing your datasets to help your health workforce truly understand their patients and their specific needs
  • Making real time analytics available and actionable so key decision makers can fully optimize the dat
Speakers included:
  • Andy Van Pelt, Executive Vice President, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Dr. Edward Lee, Executive Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, The Permanente Federation
  • Michael Curry, Vice President, Products, IBM Watson Health
  • Jennifer Truscott, Chief of Operations, Emblem Health

Watch the replay video from this event