Tampa General Hospital Uses GE Command Center to Manage COVID Surges


31 Aug 2021

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has had the GE Command Center, which they call CareCom, in place for just under two years. During that time, they’ve been able to drive down costs, shorten the average length of stay, increase sustainability, and improve the quality of care. That technology is also proving to be an invaluable asset during the pandemic. Dr. Peter Chang, the VP of care transitions at TGH, explained, "I look back and the thing I ask myself the most is, what would we have done if we did not have this center?"

Managing patient flow and capacity during a COVID surge requires a multitude of rapid-fire decisions. TGH provides their team with a 'wall of analytics' to make those high stakes decisions faster and more accurately. Every day, all day, they rely on the data that CareCom provides to make informed decisions about how patients are flowing through the system, how the team can make a diagnosis more quickly, how they can get treatments delivered earlier for patients, and how they can plan effectively for discharge and beyond.

The Command Center "provides us with so much more information than we had in the past just operating out of our medical records system," said Dr. Chang.