Command centers, a new key concept of hospital management

Redacción Médica

24 Nov 2020

Hospitals and health systems generate huge volumes of data and need new technologies and tools to use that data agilely and efficiently. At the The Innovation Committee of the IDIS Foundation Conference, Anais González Iglesias , Executive Account Manager of GE Healthcare, and Arantxa Pascual Palero, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of GE HealthCare Spain and Portugal, explained how hospital command centers use dashboards that provide visibility to the system’s resources visible in real time so the timely, relevant data can be used to make better operational decisions.

A command center uses artificial intelligence to aggregate and process data from multiple systems regarding the status of beds, clinical notes and orders, pathologies and clinical care pathways so that information can be used to make timely, data-driven decisions.

Command centers are the nerve center of operations, staffed by a team that can support healthcare personnel on the front line and improve the delivery of patient care. These operational improvements have proven effective during COVID-19. With real-time updates about the availability of beds, equipment, and staff and predictive insights about potential patient care delivery barriers, command center staff can resolve issues proactively.