Oregon Launches Nation’s First Statewide Bed Management System

Business Wire

13 Oct 2021
A regional capacity system that uses GE HealthCare’s Command Center technology as the foundation is enabling hospitals across Oregon to better optimize statewide capacity – an especially constrained resource in the state. “Over the past two years, the Oregon Capacity System has provided an invaluable bird’s eye view of capacity across the state, helping us give timely care to our patients despite the strain the pandemic has placed on our resources,” said Helene Anderson, Regional Director of Capacity & Throughput, Providence. “Despite Oregon being one of the states with the lowest ratio of beds per capita, this system has given us such a clear and accurate view of capacity across hospitals that we’ve been able to maximize resources and even bring in patients from out-of-state.”

Discover how a partnership between Apprise Health Insights and GE HealthCare has made this near-real time tracking of beds and ventilators possible and how they’re planning to expand the system to track and process more than five million data points per day, including acute, pediatric, ICU, specialty, rehab and psych bed availability data as well as PPE, Emergency Department and Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) availability.