Planning a System Command Center: How AdventHealth Broke Down Silos and Improved Patient Flow

ASHE Health Facilities Management

12 May 2022

After hitting the redline and temporarily closing its doors to new patients in March, 2016, the executive team at AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division – South Region began rethinking their approach to capacity management.

After learning about emerging command center solutions, they used Digital Twin technology to discover more specifics about how a command center could improve their operations and help them balance capacity across the entire system. 

Gathering insights and feedback from over 100 stakeholders across the system helped provide a clearer picture of the process improvements needed and built support for the changes required for the successful development of a central command center. 

In this in-depth article, Dr. Sanjay Pattani, Associate Chief Medical Officer at AdventHealth Orlando; Penny Porteous, Executive Director of Mission Control at AdventHealth Orlando; and Ryan Treml, Managing Director at  GE HealthCare Command Centers share:

  • Why actionable data, an intentionally designed department, and cultural alignment throughout the organization underpin the success of AdventHealth’s command center
  • A step-by-step guide to choosing a location and developing the floor plan
  • How the command center has helped them navigate both a hurricane and a pandemic
  •  Why their command center strategy puts the patient at the center, with financial outcomes as a secondary measure of success
  • A list of key team members involved in the development and deployment of AdventHealth’s command center
Learn more about how AdventHealth’s command center supports care progression that is precise and patient-centric with faster turnaround times and fewer delays, where intricate and complex care delivery is simplified for both patients and providers.