Census Forecast Tile with Staffing Module

The Census Forecast Tile with the Staffing Module provides nursing leaders and staffing planners, real time awareness to current staffing needs and harvests the power of machine learning to provide insights into the appropriateness of future schedules. This helps to ensure that the right nurse is at the right place at the right time.

The Tile presents hospitals, service lines, level of care, and units on the left. A timeframe across the top. And a corresponding staffing differential in the forecasting window. Users can create profiles to quickly focus on areas of responsibility. From a staffing view for centralized float pools, to service line and level of care combinations for individual hospitals or individual units within the service line.

The module not only provides current staffing differentials, but also who is staffed, their role and experience level, if they are clocked in but are in indirect time, and if they are floating from another unit. The same information is available for all future forecasts to improve the planning of resources and enhance access for patients by keeping beds open when they are needed. The standards used are hospital defined and can account for day of week, time of day and level of care variations.

This is the Staffing Module within Census Forecast.

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