Patient Manager - 4.0 Overview

Patient Manager 4.0 offers an improved summary view that allows you to dynamically choose the dimensional combinations. You can also click through cells for a display of the list of patients behind each total. A condensed unit view makes it easier to track 20-40 patients on one screen. Enhanced edit workflows and search capabilities decrease clicks and improve efficiencies.

  • Unit View. Organizes info for at-a-glance display at nursing station or similar, with up to 40 patients on single pane.
  • Summary View. Track real-time counts such as # of patients by unit with a DCO of today, or an active risk of harm, or an open escalation. Clicking on the number brings the user to that patient list (which continues to update as underlying info evolves).
  • Search filters. Ability to search text strings in large filters, such as Patient Origin or Medications which are often long lists.

Hear from our customers:

I know the digging I do every day and this would be a huge time saver and more reliable. It’s valuable to have the global and bedside view in the same tool.

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