Sepsis Tile

The Sepsis Tile allows users to see at a glance which patients may be potentially septic. These potentially septic patients can be identified in a variety of ways such as via algorithm or by members of the care team.

Once patients are identified as being septic, the Tile tracks the patients treatments against your best practice sepsis protocols to ensure they are being followed.


The Sepsis Tile is used by care teams in the proactive management and care of septic patients and can be tailored to your operational workflows. There are typically three sections of the Tile, each of which is summarized in the bottom banner. In the top left are patients who have been algorithmically identified to be potentially septic.

Bottom left are patients who have been identified by a human as being potentially septic. On the right side of the Tile are patients who have a confirmed sepsis diagnosis and are awaiting treatment. The treatment items can be tailored to your sepsis protocols, but typically include items like initial and repeat lactate draws, blood cultures, antibiotics orders, and administration, as well as fluid boluses. As with all Tiles, information can be hovered to display more relevant details to that patient.

And the Tile can be filtered based upon the user's needs. Filters can be applied to specific units, alerts, and workflow states among other things.

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