Theranostics Pathway Manager Tile

A web-based application that helps eliminate the manual, labor-intensive, error-prone work of coordinating the theranostics pathway.

Helps reduce time spent tracking patients on the pathway
Continuously updating list of patients who have been placed on the theranostics pathway and status of upcoming treatments.

Helps reduce time spent confirming readiness for upcoming therapy
Continuously updates the status of tasks (clinic appts, labs, imaging studies).  Integrates lab results and alerts when contraindicated.

Increase visibility across full care team to stay synchronized
Eliminates spreadsheets, sticky notes, Teams chats, and other manual tracking methods that are not widely visible nor scalable. 

Identify potential theranostics candidates
Automatically identify potential theranostics candidates based on hospital protocol, or manually identify.


The Theranostics Tile refers to a new module in Patient Manager focused on the coordination of patients on a Theranostics protocol, such as the pathway for prostate cancer patients. On the left is key patient information, and next to that the patient's upcoming therapy dates, which can be entered directly in the Tile or pulled from the electronic medical record.

The pathway tracker shows which pathway the patient is on, which cycle they're currently on, and the overall pathway status. Any individual cycle can be clicked into for additional details such as the status of labs, oncologist follow up appointments, the dose administration date, and any required imaging.

Steps in red indicate potential pathway deviations, in this case, an abnormal lab result. Blue indicates completed steps, green are upcoming and unscheduled steps and gray are steps that have not yet started. Alerts inform the care team of any potential pathway deviations, such as a dose delivery delay, unscheduled imaging or an abnormal lab. And of course, I can click for additional details there.

Users can also interact with alerts to add notes, escalate them for further attention or mark them as complete. Notes can be added on patients and there's a full patient edit workflow that can be launched to update dates, manage tasks, add notes, or add one touch tasks such as if I want to flag a patient for discussion at an upcoming MD conference.

I can click the little test tube icon to see the patient's full lab history, which can be viewed in a trending format as well. On the bottom, the Tile provides situational awareness such as the number of patients in each cycle, and I can click for additional details there. And on the right, it'll show me the number of patients with different risk categories, such as the number of patients with lab related risks, including abnormal labs and pending lab collection.

The Tile also allows users to live track candidates for the pathway using any number of configurable criteria such as a PSMA score or by having clinicians directly identify the patient for tracking in the Tile. And these are just some of the many features that are available with the Theranostics Tile for Patient Manager.

Hear from our customers:

I know the digging I do every day and this would be a huge time saver and more reliable. It’s valuable to have the global and bedside view in the same tool.

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