Leadership Team

More than anything, the Command Center team is motivated to serve caregivers.

Bree Bush Image

Bree Bush

General Manager
Winter Park, Florida
Larry Ossler Image

Larry Ossler, MBA

VP, Software Engineering
Chicago, Illinois
Kathy Martin Image

Kathy Martin, MBA

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chad Kellogg Image

Chad Kellogg, MBA

Global Commercial Leader, US
Denver, Colorado
Pradeep Rai Image

Pradeep Rai

Chief Software Architect
Chicago, Illinois
Stephen Verdi Image

Stephen Verdi

Global Sales Leader
Oakton, Virginia
Zahava Uddin Image

Zahava Uddin, MBA

Managing Director, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Molly Final Image

Molly Final

Managing Director, Middle East
Dubai, UAE
Esther Ocrah Image

Esther Ocrah

Director, Europe Lead
London, England, United Kingdom
Lydia Lilja Image

Lydia Lilja

Managing Director, Nordics
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mandy Forster Image

Mandy Forster

Director, Australia & New Zealand
Brisbane, Australia
Arturo Inda Image

Arturo Inda, MBA

Director, Mexico
Plano, Texas
Mahen Hoolash Image

Mahen Hoolash

Director, Culture Change
Paris, France
Lynn Eversgerd Image

Lynn Eversgerd, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer
Orlando, Florida
Joseph Kolo Image

Joseph Kolo, CPA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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